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A unique traveler-friendly hotels in the most vibrant parts of Saigon

Traveling is sometimes tiring and cumbersome. You're on the road, essentially living out of a suitcase and in unfamiliar surroundings every day. Your hotel thus acts as a home away from home. A base. A sanctuary where you can rest up. Not all hotels are very homely though. Foyers and reception areas are usually designed to impress, as opposed to being functional and welcoming. Guests usually don't spend much time there, apart from waiting for a room key or transportation.

COMMON INN is designed to change that. This is a hotel designed with comfort, function and interaction in mind. All our rooms are clean, neat and welcoming. On top of that, we have a COMMON SPACE for the exclusive use of our guests. Consider this your own living room away from home where you can have a drink, try local specialties, read a book or interact with other guests.​

Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are locals and expats who love to share tips with you on how to experience the best that Saigon has to offer.

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